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Contact Lenses For Kids

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Many children and teens would rather wear contact lenses and glasses - purely for aesthetic reasons. They don’t like how they look in glasses or their friends don’t like how they look in glasses. Some kids will forget their glasses, and others will break them.

More than 50% of eye doctors think that aged 10-12 is a good time to start children on soft contacts in a recent study. Others prefer to wait until age 13 or 14. And then there are doctors who would start as young as 8 years old.  But every child is different; some are ready to wear contacts, while others are not, regardless of age. So it’s best to discuss your child and his or her needs with your optometrist.

Many children and teens, and even adults find that contact lenses are better for sports than glasses - less of a chance to break or lose them. Other children find that it is easier in school without the hassle of glasses. If you feel that your child is ready for contacts, set an appointment for a contact lens eye exam with our optometrist. And then make sure that your child follows the doctor’s instruction about how to safely wear and care for his contact lenses.

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